Other Side

Love, well we never timed it right. Always too little, too late or too fast. Now my day is done, dusk falls on darkest night, still starry-eyed I find flashes of our past. CHORUS Well I’ll save you a seat on the other side, up by the stars we’ll watch the turning of the moon. … More Other Side

Snow Wight

A blizzard blew beyond the walls, I huddle to the fire. Father whispers “Don’t heed her calls”, so fed the flames grew higher. Midnight moved upon us, fatigued father fell to sleep. Mournful memories menace me – fire’s fading as I weep. Outside she’s arisen, cold corpse comes gliding to our door. Her hands they … More Snow Wight

Hope & Hate

A wanderer reached a crossroads, signs marked out Hope & Hate. A Dangel dangled between them, bare feet playing on Hope’s gate. The wanderer said “Dangel, can you help me on my way? What lies down here, what waits up there?” And this the Dangel did say: “Hate’s path leads downwards, dug deep beneath the … More Hope & Hate

Staring at the Sun

You’re beautiful but distant, to my words you’re most resistant. Still, I like to dream that you may be the one. I’ll tell you I’m happy that I found you but first I’ll revolve the planets around you because I might as well be staring at the sun. I’m not trying to scold you, it’s … More Staring at the Sun