I stared upon a single drop
a diamond of liquid rain.
It trickled down so soft, so pure,
upon the window pane.

My eyes entranced upon it,
one lonesome, longing line.
A gift of purest wonder to
this passing life of mine.

And then the skies they opened
as I watched the Heaven’s pour.
As lonesome drop that trickled down
was joined by trickles more.

I went unto the garden
through open, aching door.
I let my mouth lull open
and felt the Heaven’s roar.

Such moments of winsome wonder,
it seemed that time stood still.
And all came from one single drop
of rain on window sill.

Yet all this purest passion,
this image natural and true.
Was nothing compared to beauty
I beheld when I found you.

Into my world of black and white
you brought colours of every hue.
And all I have to offer in return,
these words I send to you.

They trickle down as raindrops,
you may ignore they’re there.
Or maybe you’ll hold this page in hands
and just sit down, read and stare.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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