The Pan Piper of Neverland

The moon looked down and wore a frown
at a most perplexing sight.
A boy in green flew still unseen
by all but Mother Night

Pan flew through town then hovered round
a weeping window pane.
The Thunder crashed and lightning flashed.
Pan grinned against the rain.

Sweet Sara slept while Pan he crept
into her sleeping room.
Pan’s pipe he blew the tune he knew
would wake his Wendy soon.

Sara softly stood she felt so good
so swayed with all her might.
Playful Pan said “Come, fly ahead
past second star on the right”.

Sara’s reply “Oh, I’d love to fly
but can’t leave my brothers here.”
Pan’s tune grew, Sara’s brothers flew
to greet the night sky’s fear.

On they flew over ocean’s blue
Pan played by Sara’s side.
Then music stopped and brother’s dropped.
The sea opened it’s mouth wide.

The thunder rocked, poor Sara shocked!
“I’ll kill you Pan, I vow!”
Pan did laugh “They’re taking a bath!
They are all lost boys now”.

Pan’s pipes blew it bored into
sweet Sara’s fragile mind.
Malice it masked as Sara basked
leaving memories of brothers behind.

On they flew till morning drew,
still storm did whip and rage!
They put foot down on bumpy ground
covered with rats of every age!

Sweet Sara entranced and so she danced
the rats danced with her as well
Pan piped on! All hope was gone!
It was like a vision of Hell.

And so Pan cried: “Sara’s denied!
You’re Wendy till your older.
Dance to my sound till I bury you in ground”
The world grew a lot colder.

Pan didn’t see sailors Hook & Smee
come creeping like cunning cats.
Brought bludgeons down, Pan hit the ground
among the other rats.

Sweet Sara woke, so Smee spoke
“Come leave this nightmare behind.
We’ll row you home, no more you’ll roam
with this devil by your side”.

So Sara flew and rats did chew
upon their former master.
Sail Sara home to live alone
with her happy ever after.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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