Hope & Hate

A wanderer reached a crossroads,
signs marked out Hope & Hate.
A Dangel dangled between them,
bare feet playing on Hope’s gate.
The wanderer said “Dangel, can
you help me on my way?
What lies down here, what waits up there?”
And this the Dangel did say:

“Hate’s path leads downwards,
dug deep beneath the floor.
It covers you with anger,
brings you to hate some more.
Hate’s a helter skelter,
with despair round every bend.
The downward spiral’s easy,
on that you can depend.
But a Beast it waits below you
& it’ll swallow you in the end.”

“Hope’s path climbs up a mountain,
jagged rocks keep dreams at bay.
Many a hopeful climber’s lost
their hopes along the way.
The cold will bite your fingers,
which cling to the hopes you know.
The climbing may be painful
& your progress painfully slow.
Yet should you reach the summit,
with love you’ll overflow.”

At that the wanderer grew weary,
so he forced a tired smile,
saying: “I think I may just rest my feet
& keep you company for a while.”

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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