Snow Wight

A blizzard blew beyond the walls, I huddle to the fire.
Father whispers “Don’t heed her calls”, so fed the flames grew higher.
Midnight moved upon us, fatigued father fell to sleep.
Mournful memories menace me – fire’s fading as I weep.

Outside she’s arisen, cold corpse comes gliding to our door.
Her hands they reach towards us, dead feet float over frozen floor.
Her skin is white as snow and her eyes burn black as death.
I’d tell you of her hurting heart but there was no heartbeat left.

My eyes they looked upon her but bewitched beheld another.
Her mouth creaked into a smile: she sneered “Come hold your mother”.
Her hands were cold and clammy but I clutched at them with glee.
“Mother, how I’ve missed you! Are you really returned to me?”

She bids me to “Hush now”, then leads me out into the snow.
I ask “But what of father?” she intones “No, let him go”.
Farther and farther we wander, I feel winter’s creeping chill.
She hums a melancholic melody as she anticipates the kill.

The blizzard beats and batters me, then I crumble to the ground.
She sings a song of vengeance – a most dark and disturbing sound.
Lifeless I lie there but I do not bow out like this.
She reaches down to me and on forehead plants cold kiss.

I rise at her summons as my skin turns cold and white.
My heart no longer beating and my eyes as black as night.
We’ll walk the winter wilds together, lure living to their doom.
Stay huddled safe by fireside, or else join us in our gloom.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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