Diamond From Rough Stone

Well, the kids dig deep on down, dig far from your home.
Well, the gun barrel’s burning hot, hard plated in chrome.
And the mother mourns for her sons, now she’s all alone.
Was that diamond paid for in blood from Sierra Leone?

Diamonds shine when we’re together
But blood diamonds bleed forever
& diamond tears provide cold comfort when you’re alone.
Should I love you like a diamond from rough stone?
Well, should I love you like a diamond from rough stone?

Well, they’re beating, beat them down, beat far from your home.
Well, they let loose the dogs, teeth maul down to the bone.
And the prisoners wail for release, chained each to their own.
Was your marriage made in Marange, cut from diamond’s stone?


Well, they’re pulling prices down, sale on slaughtered stone.
Well, it’s so cheap, cheap it’s a crime, are you taking one home?
Will it fit on her finger fine or chill her to the bone?
Is it pleasure or pain you hear, can you hear them all moan?


Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

One thought on “Diamond From Rough Stone

  1. This is a rough cut of a song I’m working on. Suspect a number of changes before the final article is finished (for example, toying with there being 3 slightly different choruses rather than repeating exactly the same one each time). Please note that I’m not completely against the purchase of diamonds – I just believe it’s good to ensure that the diamond your buying isn’t a conflict diamond. Aware that Sierra Leone isn’t as associated with blood diamonds now as it used to be but it was one of the biggest contributors back in the day & may still factor in when purchasing used diamonds.


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