Fox Amongst the Chickens

Seems like yesterday, Birmingham wasn’t a Muslim city,
where we all walked around carefree and pretty
those days are long gone now, more’s the pity.
Now Fox howls it’s a city closed behind a wall,
where all good people are afraid to call,
terrified trains won’t stop there at all.

Jesus save us, there’s a Fox amongst the chickens!
Truth provides us such slim pickings,
so let’s give another minority a kicking.
Jesus save us, they’re reporting fear as news!
We’ve only so much faith & freedom to lose,
so can we hear your Holy views?

This just in: There’s terrorists everywhere,
let’s preach stranger, danger, best beware,
the Fox sees another poor pensioner to scare.
With no-one to trust it’s hard to love thy neighbour,
so won’t you please lend us a Holy hand Saviour
and point out who still has your favour?


Let’s be clear, we’re no better on this shore
because it’s so easy to be a media whore
and sensationalism’s so hard to ignore.
Newspapers preach that it’s Britain for the Brits,
though we’re Roman, Norman, Viking, Saxon and Picts
(and many more in our mongrel mix).


Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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