Other Side

Love, well we never timed it right.
Always too little, too late or too fast.
Now my day is done, dusk falls on darkest night,
still starry-eyed I find flashes of our past.

Well I’ll save you a seat on the other side,
up by the stars we’ll watch the turning of the moon.
Perhaps we’ll time it right on the other side
but dear don’t join me on the other side too soon.

Love, dear dry your eyes now,
though it hurts so now that we’re apart.
No happy ever after, no wedding vow
but I’m with you in the beating of your heart.


Love, our songs may be over now.
Our duets were always sung out of tune.
Though race is run, I’ll wait any how,
see me watching in the waning of the moon.


Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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