Other Mothers Know Best

Your sons & daughters are all Saints & the world bows at their behest. So rain your wisdom down on us, God knows other mothers know best. “Beautiful babes will grow up monsters unless they suck it from the breast!”. Don’t look for rhyme or reason dear, it’s just that other mothers know best. Your … More Other Mothers Know Best


I stood there in the darkness and looked upon you La Lune (my moon) I dared not let you see the look upon me as I gasped in your starlit glory. Dared not climb the balcony as brave as a Romeo would be but I sent you my voice. Yes, it was me. It was … More Cyrano

Sweet Like Chocolate

Memories come sweet like chocolate on a warm summer’s day. Should I consume them quickly lest memories melt away or savour them slowly one small piece at a time? Your skin was the colour of chocolate and smooth as butter, deep, dark eyes entrancing soon sent my heart aflutter and your sweet laughter which made … More Sweet Like Chocolate