I stood there in the darkness
and looked upon you
La Lune (my moon)

I dared not let you see
the look upon me
as I gasped in your starlit glory.

Dared not climb the balcony
as brave as a Romeo would be
but I sent you my voice.
Yes, it was me.

It was me who told you the way that I feel.
Who told you forever and forever be real.

Yet it is he
who climbs the balcony
to see the love in your eyes.
When it was me,
so afraid for you to see
but you’ll never realise.

And so now I go
away from window
and the place where my heart longs to be.
Yet I leave you with this,
one last poetic kiss,
and the promise that it will always be me.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

One thought on “Cyrano

  1. This is a poem that I wrote 14 years ago. Hardly any of my writing from back then survived, so thought I’d add it here for posterity. My writing style’s changed significantly over the 14 years and although I just tweaked this one a little, still not totally happy with it. May possibly do a complete rewrite someday (same scene in the story referenced but that’s about it). We’ll see.


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