Other Mothers Know Best

Your sons & daughters are all Saints
& the world bows at their behest.
So rain your wisdom down on us,
God knows other mothers know best.

“Beautiful babes will grow up monsters
unless they suck it from the breast!”.
Don’t look for rhyme or reason dear,
it’s just that other mothers know best.

Your advice mightn’t fit all shapes & sizes
(Heaven forbid we all put it to the test!),
but please still shout it at us anyway,
for Lord knows, other mothers know best.

If we’re not listening nail it in hard & fast,
words given gentle as bullets to the chest.
It’s always your way or Hell’s highway
for (Jesus wept) other mothers know best.

“It’s already agreed all dads are clueless,
takes tits to master the parenting quest!”.
Well dammit dads, don’t lend a hand!
Haven’t you heard that other mothers know best?

“If you don’t take your hands to them,
they’ll all grow up ungrateful pests!”.
Yes mam, no mam, don’t give a damn,
even though other mothers know best.

Let’s pray you’ve turned too old to procreate
& hope that you live in an empty nest,
or we’d have to pay your advice back twofold
for only other mothers know best.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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