Far from home town, I walk uncharted ground and all I own I carry on my back. I follow her voice, oh that most beauteous noise! Over mountains & valleys I track She sang “Yes, I love you & I long for you too, so sweetheart soon return here to me.” Don’t dally my dear, … More Siren

Half the World

I wish that I could hold her close, keep her safe come what may. Yet still she stays so far from me, feels further everyday. So I send a prayer with whispered winds, let loving words take flight. May angel wings wrap round her and keep her safe tonight. May her heart know only love … More Half the World

The Cure?

I opened my heart, she poured poison in. So sweetly spoiled, I withered within. I masked my pain behind a Devil’s grin as she gripped her claws upon my shoulder. Now I’ve found the cure; a sugared sin. Took tainted love, let life begin. I’ll take a chance & upon you pin a hope that dark … More The Cure?


I drift upon warm waters, taking time to take it slow. And as I drift I think on her, or at least the her that she’ll show. My heart it beats a tune gladly, a raw rhythm I hope she would know. Yet my head starts to question it madly: should I really just go … More Flow

Broken Vows

You say I broke your heart today. Well dear, you bled my heart first. Left it so small & dry I hardly care to cry about which of us received the worst. What’s the point in keeping scores when we’re both losing anyhow? Shall we sing a melancholy melody to mourn another broken vow? CHORUS … More Broken Vows