Broken Vows

You say I broke your heart today.
Well dear, you bled my heart first.
Left it so small & dry I hardly care to cry
about which of us received the worst.
What’s the point in keeping scores
when we’re both losing anyhow?
Shall we sing a melancholy melody
to mourn another broken vow?

Well, when it’s been ripped asunder it’ll never mend the same.
I’m not saying you lost the pieces but we both should share the blame.
Shall we toast to the happy couple before we have another row?
And smoke another sin on our pyre; it’s just another broken vow.

You say you think it’s over.
Well dear, our ending’s long overdue.
Many a woman & man just wouldn’t stand
even half the shit that we swam through.
So shall I help you pack your bags again
or do you need some alone time now?
I’ll see you here tomorrow when
we’ll mourn another broken vow.


Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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