I drift upon warm waters,
taking time to take it slow.
And as I drift I think on her,
or at least the her that she’ll show.

My heart it beats a tune gladly,
a raw rhythm I hope she would know.
Yet my head starts to question it madly:
should I really just go with the flow?

While I drift does she lie on the surface,
do dark secrets await deep below?
Does love linger round the next riverbend
or are waters wending their way unto woe?

The more I think the stronger the current
as both love and doubt continue to grow.
Could I even resist them if I tried to
or have I drifted too far with the flow?

And so I’m flung over a waterfall,
then the river it drags me deep down.
Hope, love, fear and doubt engulf me.
I pray to God I’m not going to drown.

Am I falling in love with her
or am I just falling?

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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