Half the World

I wish that I could hold her close,
keep her safe come what may.
Yet still she stays so far from me,
feels further everyday.

So I send a prayer with whispered winds,
let loving words take flight.
May angel wings wrap round her
and keep her safe tonight.

May her heart know only love
and love back in return.
Pray for purest passion,
as in my heart does burn.

And though I cannot be with her,
cannot touch her, cannot see,
I pray she’ll feel my prayer’s embrace,
hope it helps her feel happy.

I send my prayers now to her,
far flung to distant shore.
If they cannot land as kisses on her lips,
may they at least land at her door.

I wish that I could find her
and with her forever stay.
As I cannot may my prayer be there,
hold her half the world away.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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