Far from home town, I walk uncharted ground
and all I own I carry on my back.
I follow her voice, oh that most beauteous noise!
Over mountains & valleys I track

She sang “Yes, I love you & I long for you too,
so sweetheart soon return here to me.”
Don’t dally my dear, for I must hold you near.”
So I set sail across the wide sea.

How the storm wept & the waves, how they leapt
as the cold turned me white as a sheet.
Still to her I must go, this every ounce of me knows,
from my head to the soles of my feet.

The ship how it rocked & the lightning looked shocked
to see me so far from homeland.
I’d brave hurricane gale & through this storm will sail
for the tenderest touch of her hand.

I came to her shore, heard her voice call for more,
singing “Sweet kiss awaits here for thee.
You’re the air that I breathe, dearest please believe.
When you look in my eyes you will see.”

Through jungle grass long I trecked following song,
beheld bright eyes of blackest a beast.
His howl beckoned me on, snarling “Soon journey is done,
for your fate she awaits to the East.”

Past tangled ground her house finally found,
I reached out & pushed open her door.
Found her lying within, writhing naked with him,
the bright eyed beast I did greet just before.

She stared in my eyes & sang “Even beauty, she dies.
Sweetest, please close the door when you depart.”
The beast he did grin, as her words then sunk in
& as teeth tore into my heart.

Far from home town, I climbed cliff & looked down
as despairing rocks beckoned below.
For how can I journey on, when hope she is gone
& I’ve lost every truth that I know?

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

One thought on “Siren

  1. This poem is (possibly) unfinished. Certainly a work in progress piece anyway. Inspired partly by the Greek myth of the siren & partly by my own epic journey (which randomly enough is also unfinished). Regarding the ending, I’m unsure whether to: a) Do a Wayne’s World: “Wait a minute. We don’t want to end the movie like this! Let’s do the mega happy ending”, change the title & rewrite the ending so he finds love with the woman on the other side of the world. b) Not change what I’ve written so far but add on a stanza or 3 where God speaks to the protagonist & tells him where his real true love can be found, thus setting him off on another epic journey…possibly to the North Pole or sonewhere similar. c) Leave the ending as it is. It’s bleak but fits with the Siren myth of sailors being lured to their doom. Any thoughts?


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