Food For Thought

My best friend is a real peach, she is so natural and sweet. My pen pal is a Turkish Delight I hope one day to meet. My ex-wife is a bitter lemon with rough yellow skin. My brother is a prickly pear; thorny without, soft within. My lost love a rich chocolate I accidentally dropped … More Food For Thought

Take To The Stars

I Teacher told Tommy the tall tale, that thin moon pierced the night sky. A million stars had tumbled out, as midnight tears that the moon did cry. The sun had tempted some silly stars to come with it to dance in the day. Saying: “I am the sun, the father, I’ll shine so bright … More Take To The Stars

Adrift With Aslan

Miles and miles from sure you drift, in a long boat almost as blue as the sea. Stranded, struggling, surviving (just) with only a talking lion for company. You sit, spear in hand at one end, staring at the lion ever so carefully. Think: ‘If I don’t throw the spear at him, will he come … More Adrift With Aslan

Love After Life

Marrow white fingers sprout through soil, as morbid midnight marigolds in bloom. Two skeletons struggle, stand, shaking soil, free from their lakeside tomb. Side by side they lock arms together and begin their midnight promenade. As bats, rats, owls & crickets all play: these two lovers they sweetly serenade. They take ten creaking steps on bony … More Love After Life

Believe in Fairies

Today I took my daughter for a walk into Stafford via the secret route – the path where only the dreamers dare to tread. It was a Princess day and her little Majesty was sure that a walk into town would be boring. Her ever present faithful companion Fufu the friendly lion growled in agreement: … More Believe in Fairies

The Gift Horse

You can’t understand why the gift horse has come to you with those presents tied to its side. Surely there must be some mistake? Is the horse a Trojan one? If you pull back the pretty pink ribbons and strip each layer of wrapping paper until the gifts lie naked before you, would you find … More The Gift Horse

Author’s Note 2 – On Misunderstandings (aka “I’m not a demon”)

I once briefly dated a girl who expected me to be a demon. She knew me to be such – this brooding, bad boy and a creature of the night – because she had read it in one of my novels: “Darkness Feeds”. Or at least she thought she had. Before our first official date, … More Author’s Note 2 – On Misunderstandings (aka “I’m not a demon”)

Men of the House

In the public house with a broken heart, the old imitation oak table in the cramped corner has cracks which are starting to show and no amount of spit and polish will mask these scars. You long for the days of ash and smoke. Not to partake of that particular poison yourself as it was … More Men of the House