Sandcastle War

A beached boy built two castles side by side.
A white flag waved above one and red the other.
As always, angry armies gathered under the flags.
So Red & White went to war with one another.

The Red General looked out to the salty sea
and this the Raging Red then said:
“The sea is good, the sea is God and
the waves come to Baptise our head”.

The White General looked out to the savage sea
then this trilled the Warmongering White:
“The sea is a deep, dark and deadly God
who we will pacify by killing crabs tonight”.

And so a bad bloody beach battle began
as Red and White bodies bedecked the beach floor.
What with clinging claret spilled from saintly soldiers killed
it became unclear who’d been so White once before.

Still battle raged on over whose version was wrong
as angry winds blew the flags back and forth.
Howls of fury filled the air and the occasional prayer
as the slaughter spread from South to the North.

Neither side would relent as their cause Heaven sent
must truly be proved righteous that day.
Then the tide tumbled in toppling all soldiers tin
and washed all traces of both castles away.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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