Into My Eyes: The Lion & the Puppy

Do not be concerned if you stare into my eyes
and see a faint flicker of danger someday.
It’s rage will never be used on you
and is kept well guarded, locked away.
So safely run your hands through my mane,
and you can lie snug by lion’s side.
For the rage though raw is only reserved
for those who harm the lion’s pride.
Woe betide the one who hurts the lioness,
who turns their wrath on you.
For along with soft smile there’s the teeth,
still sharp and ready to chew.

Do not be surprised if you look into my eyes someday
and see love and loyalty overflow.
For I may well be the lion
but I’m part puppy too you know.
I’ll be so happy to see you,
be so playful and rarely moan
and oh, I’ll be so grateful
should you throw this puppy a bone.

I look forward to looking in your eyes soon
and getting to know you well.
To gaze into the inner you
hidden beneath your outer shell.
I’ll accept your every animal,
whether part monkey or cockatoo.
For they all make up the beauty
that I found when I met you.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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