Believe in Fairies

Today I took my daughter for a walk into Stafford via the secret route – the path where only the dreamers dare to tread.

It was a Princess day and her little Majesty was sure that a walk into town would be boring. Her ever present faithful companion Fufu the friendly lion growled in agreement:

“But we’ll miss the cartoons!”

Undeterred, I held my little Princess by the hand and took her through the concealed entrance to the secret route. Down the slope we went until town seemed but a distant memory. Instead of cars and roads we were in a world of trees, of magic and endless possibilities.

It was then that I whispered to my daughter the true reason for our walk:

“This is no ordinary walk. Today we are here to find the fairies. Listen carefully and look to the trees and the bushes around you. Can you see them?”

My little Princess’ eyes grew wide at that. Suddenly she saw them everywhere, with dresses purple, pink and green. At first the fairies were shy but once they became certain that we were no threat to them, they came out in their hundreds, swooping down to us from the trees to excitedly say hello.

And it wasn’t just fairies we saw but elves, gnomes and a goblin (but do not be alarmed – for he was a very dignified and nice goblin who was dressed in a smart black bowtie).

The fairies all soared into the air high above us and began to sing. Their crystaline wings glistened in the sunlight and it seemed that every shade of the rainbow was reflected in them.

Not to be outdone, the goblin, the gnomes and the elves all sprouted wide white wings also and took to the air to join the dance, lending their voices to this chorus of wonder.

I am sure that my daughter saw more fairies than I did today, for a child’s imagination knows no limits. I merely planted the seed and my Princess provided the water and sunlight required for it to grow into something truly magical. But I think I did see at least a few of those fairies fluttering hopefully in the sky.

We saw the fairies today because our desire to do so was so strong and because with but a sprinkling of imagination, anything is possible. I do believe in fairies, in miracles, in magic and true love all waiting out there to be discovered by the dreamers daring enough to go out there and find them…or at least I want to believe. And maybe that’s enough.

Life is better with a dash of magic and a splash of imagination. So close your eyes and softly repeat these words to yourself three times over:

“I do believe in fairies”.

I hope you find your own fairies someday.


Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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