Love After Life

Marrow white fingers sprout through soil,
as morbid midnight marigolds in bloom.
Two skeletons struggle, stand, shaking soil,
free from their lakeside tomb.

Side by side they lock arms together
and begin their midnight promenade.
As bats, rats, owls & crickets all play:
these two lovers they sweetly serenade.

They take ten creaking steps on bony legs
then take their places in their favourite seat,
upon the rickety black bench beside the lake,
then curl up close and rest their bony feet.

Turning to each other their smiles so broad,
stretched in a wide and weird skeletal grin.
Down from the sky a black swan descends,
as his midnight ballet is about to begin.

The black swan spins and splashes upon the lake,
a dark dance he’s performed for these two before.
All the bats and rats play their melodies,
whilst the owls hoot one, two, three, four.

They never knew each other in life,
born over a hundred years apart.
But in death they found each other:
two sides of one true heart.

They sit together watching the dance,
till night gives way unto day.
Then sweetly slumber beneath the soil.
In this life or next love finds a way.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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