Take To The Stars


Teacher told Tommy the tall tale,
that thin moon pierced the night sky.
A million stars had tumbled out,
as midnight tears that the moon did cry.
The sun had tempted some silly stars
to come with it to dance in the day.
Saying: “I am the sun, the father,
I’ll shine so bright on you as you play”.
Foolish stars froze under warm sunlight,
falling as solid sorrow to Earth below.
Mother Moon she took pity upon them,
carved them into the humans you know.


Tommy tried to transform then,
to return to brother and sister star.
To shine so bright in the night sky,
leaving troubles below and afar.
Tommy carefully climbed a ladder,
then stood calling to Mother the Moon:
“I don’t want to be alone anymore.
Please take me back and take me soon”.
Mother Moon she stared down at Tommy,
he thought that he saw her thin smile,
heard her whisper: “Not now, not now –
I’ll come back for you in a while”.


Teen Tommy trained the times tables,
track field physics astronomy at school.
Studied so hard that the lessons merged,
but never lost sight of the goal and the rule.
“Never forget your true mother is up there,
her loving arms hold the stars in the night.
You will join her up above again someday,
to shine in the sky and shine so bright”.


Thomas turned thirty then took to
stars above in a rocket one year.
To rejoin his brothers and sisters shining
and be held by Mother Moon as so dear.
Taking to space he heard her warm whisper:
‘The time to rejoin them has now come.
So shine now in the night sky: shine so
bright and defy sad seductive sun’.
A bright light burst forth from Thomas then
as he left both flimsy flesh and bone behind.
Removing mask of man to finally be there,
with his brothers and sisters above mankind.


Toast to the thinkers the takers to the
players, who dance on the theatre of dreams.
Who never stop dreaming, stop striving,
stop hoping no matter how hard it seems.
I set this bright star now up above you,
may it guide you through dark times to your goal.
Please shine out to light the way for those beside you,
you each carry a bright star in your soul.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Take To The Stars

  1. “In the beginning, there was nothing at all but the moon & the sun. And the moon wanted to come out during the day, but there was something so much brighter that seemed to fill up all those hours. The moon grew hungry, thinner & thinner, until she was just a slice of herself, and her tips were as sharp as a knife. By accident, because that is the way most things happen, she poked a hole in the night & out spilled a million stars, like a fountain of tears.

    Horrified, the moon tried to swallow them up. And sometimes this worked, because she got fatter & rounder. But mostly it didn’t, because there were just so many. The stars kept coming, until they made the sky so bright that the sun got jealous. He invited the stars to his side of the world, where it was always bright. What he didn’t tell them, though, was that in the daytime, they’d never be seen. So the stupid ones leaped from the sky to the ground, and they froze under the weight of their own foolishness.

    The moon did her best. She carved each of those blocks of sorrow into a man or a woman. She spent the rest of her time watching out so that her other stars wouldn’t fall. She spent the rest of her time holding on to whatever scraps she had left.”

    – Native American creation myth.


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