Food For Thought

My best friend is a real peach,
she is so natural and sweet.
My pen pal is a Turkish Delight
I hope one day to meet.
My ex-wife is a bitter lemon
with rough yellow skin.
My brother is a prickly pear;
thorny without, soft within.
My lost love a rich chocolate
I accidentally dropped to the floor.
My manager is a plain rice cake,
he is an incredible bore.
My secret crush is a curry,
she is unbelievably hot.
My daughter is hundreds and thousands,
so cute I could almost eat the lot.

As for you – what is your food,
that unbelievable taste?
That is both sour and sweet
and too good to waste?
That is both meaty and fruity
and everything in-between?
That tastes of cotton candy clouds
and a good night’s sweet dream?

I do not know you well yet
but I hope that I might,
for each mouthful is delicious,
a culinary delight.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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