Another Generic Love Poem (Please delete as appropriate)

You’ll have the bluest/brownest/greenest eyes I’ve ever seen,
and your skin white/brown/kinda sticky like Plasticine,
and this deep/shrill/sultry voice I’ll never forget.
Together we’ll listen to your favourite song,
the one that goes “Ooga chaka”/”hokey cokey”/”All night long”
that played on the morning/noon/night when we met.
And, oh, I’ll love that cutest thing that you do
with your lips/your nose/your hands/your shoe,
It’s unique to you/pretty common I’d like to bet.
We’ll dine at your favourite cafe/restaurant/bar
and wish on a turkey’s bone/magic lamp/shooting star
to freeze this moment as it’s the best we’ll ever get.
I’ll take you on holiday to Wales/Washington/Bengal/Nepal,
where we’ll sky dive/hike/swim/do nothing at all,
and we’ll come home refreshed/tired/with a touch of regret.
Then someday I’ll meet your dog/dad/brother/mum
and he/she’ll be oh so very glad that I’ve come
and lick/hug/greet me with their voice/arms/tongue so wet.

Well, I’d love to be specific,
if I could it’d be terrific!
But I haven’t met you yet.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


7 thoughts on “Another Generic Love Poem (Please delete as appropriate)

    1. Hmm…guess it shows me as somebody who is pretty open minded and up for trying anything at least once. Thanks for your feedback. 🙂 Believe that what is more important is that someone is kindhearted etc rather than what colour eyes/skin/hair they have. Don’t personally want to live in a world where the latter would be a deal breaker and we each make our own world after all.

      Think it just amused me to imagine some future as yet unmet love going through the poem matching up the bits that were relevant to them but odds are I didn’t include enough options for that to actually happen.

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      1. Yeah, it can be seen through this poem. You’re welcome. That’s so true, even I would love being with someone who’s kind, honest and caring rather with someone who’s just pretty at face.
        You can always get better with time and can come with something new succeeding it.

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    2. Well, I hope you find your kind, honest, caring guy someday Archita (unless you’ve already found him – in which case yay for you! There was that happy “My Soulmate” poem on your site. Mind you, aware that the truth and what’s represented in poems and stories isn’t always exactly the same). 🙂

      We’re a rare breed but worth the time it takes to find us I think.

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      1. Thank you so much for your wishes (and no, I still haven’t found that person. Exactly, that is just a poem or may be a future expectation, we never know about these fictions if they are real or just a work of imagination.) 😉
        Thank you so much for going through my blog, your likes and comments gave a happy start to my summer mornings. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Anytime Architarai. 🙂 Your blog gave me a happy end to my night, so if I returned the favour by giving you a happy morning then I guess that makes us all square.

        Apart from a rather dark one I wrote last night I think you’re all up to date with my blog (unless you missed any of the earlier ones) and I think I’ve read all of yours now. Guess that may just encourage me to write on an even more regular basis though to give you something fresh to read, so it’s all good.

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