Maybe Someday (Live in Hope)

Maybe someday you’ll finally feel it in your heart
as it beats faster when we’re together, slower apart.
Or when your sweet smile seems stuck permanently in place.
Maybe you’ll look in my eyes and you’ll just know,
it will burn so bright you’ll have to let it show
as love lights up every inch of your beautiful face.

Perhaps you’ll reach out and offer your hand,
help me to my feet, hold me close when I stand
and your every wondrous word will be music to my ears.
Not now but somethings are worth waiting for
I have waited months – I can wait some more.
I’ll cross my fingers and bring on the hopeful years.

Possibly you’ll hold my image in your mind
and your thoughts will be oh so kind
and you’ll know that I’ve been thinking of you the same.
We’ll support each other come what may
whether sunny skies or a grey rainy day.
When you’re ready – I hold my love here for you to claim.

Might be when the moon and stars align,
at the perfect place and perfect time
and the band hits the perfect notes in every way.
When every love song it speaks to you
and I just know that you feel it too.
Not now – but who knows? Maybe someday.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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