Come Find Me

Will I find traces of you in the sky,
your visage painted abstract in a cloud?
Will I see your colourful personality
pictured in a rainbow – so bright & loud?
Will your name be whispered in the wind,
wistfully waiting for me to finally hear?
Will my heart beat faster to mark out
the moment when you brush by me so near?
Will your identity be revealed by the tea leaves
at the bottom of my very next cup?
Will I ever find you or lost in a sea of billions
will the one’s number never crop up?

And must it always be me who seeks you,
jigsaw heart hoping to find the missing piece?
Somewhere do you sit still straining
to find traces of me in the warm breeze?
Does someone long to find someone like me
and to hold me close to their heart?
Must it only always be me wanting, waiting,
wishing for this life to start?
Are you searching for me as I look for you
or are you not out there at all?
If I just stopped and listened,
well, would I ever hear you call?

I am waiting here. It is your turn now. Come find me.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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