The Longest Winter

Shivering I shed summer cloak of leaves,
my soul lies exposed and bare.
My fears framed for all to see,
a chill hangs in the air.
The wind it bites so cold,
tears through flesh to bone.
Still shake despite myself,
must I always stand so alone?
Dark days they feel so long,
weeks and months an endless sea.
I blow helpless in the breeze,
a wooden puppet – set me free!
Still I’m rooted to the floor,
too tired to move my feet.
Anyway, which way would I go?
I stand battered, broken, beat.
Moon magnifies my fears at night,
distant sun shines on them by day.
Won’t someone meet me here
and take these blues away?
When will winter be done?
Heart hangs redundant, freezing.
I miss the warm summer sun
and the taste of hope in spring.
I call for the sun to thaw
this thick sheet of snow.
Does summer even exist still,
will someone warm let me know?
Crawling woodlice chew on my skin,
does the rot run to my core?
Will the summer ever begin?
Can’t take this cold any more.
Years of winter wend on mercilessly
and drag me down to my knees.
I whisper one word in return:
a desperate, dying “Please”.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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