Bad Omens – Bang the Drums

There’s this dark drummer drumming, his rancid rhythm fills the air!
A sad, slow one two formed for you as he dances to your despair.
Those sinister storm clouds that are gathering, they gather just for you!
The thunder & the lightning, downpour drench you through and though.

Doom’s drummer keeps on drumming & he believes that he has you beat,
you feel his hard rhythm run through you from your head unto your feet.
Will you decamp, desert your chosen course, flee drums, run from the rain?
Is it better to cower in fear for then you’ll at least live to cower again?

Deadly drummer drubs dark drums, depress, he calls ghosts of your past.
Clearly knows you’re trying to be brave but believes bravery will not last.
Will you stand still & reign against him, roar raw with lion by your side?
For how can you flee the drum if you carry your dark demons deep inside?

Demonic drummer downs his hands on drums – watch out, here they come!
Each nasty new note knows your weaknesses; beats angrily against each one.
Will you devour darkness, drain it deep down & with it paint your soul?
For why would you fear this evil reaper if his scythe is yours to control?

Defiler’s drums they keep on beating as this dark drummer decides to shout!
His rage runs rings round you, clawed creatures come to tear you inside out.
Will you maybe meditate, wait for storm’s song to simply subside & settle?
Do you carry calmness within, will those dark drums never test your mettle?

Choose course carefully, for it forms fabric of who you are come what may.
Can you hear dark drummer drumming? Beats a raw rhythm for you today.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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