Child’s Play: Cloud Castles

When we were young we’d wait a while,
watch wistful whilst the world went by.
Lying on a green grass bed together trying
to build colossal cloud castles in the sky.
Sometimes you’d see a white elephant,
sometimes I’d imagine it’s a grey ghost.
My childhood memories are all cherished
but those with you I cherish the most.

Now it seems we’re too busy to dream,
always running here and dashing there.
What with work, wives and our ordinary lives
never stop to look up at castles in the air.
White elephants feel frightfully famished,
ghosts redundant with nobody to boo
and I feel there’s this hole in my life
which once was filled up with you.

Can we claim cloud castles as ours again,
can we conjure such magic up still?
Would you care to try to together?
I’ll imagine them there if you will.
We’ll lie side by side in wonder
upon our growing green bed of grass.
We may occasionally feel so silly
but in time those thoughts will pass.

Magic and miracles are all up there,
bold and beautiful if you’re willing to see.
So spend some time with the dreamers
and perhaps spend some time with me.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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