The Possessive & the Puppet

You made me smile,
for you preferred my face that way.
You made me walk,
you were always beside me everyday.
You made a rod,
and then you tied it to my back.
You made a fool,
stole from me all that you lack.
You made a scene,
staked claim with every woman we’d meet.
You made me crawl,
lost my dignity down by your feet.

You made me scream,
up inside my head for I was never alone!
You made me think,
well, were my thoughts even still my own?
You made me weak,
willed me to wave white flag and yield.
You made me bleed,
pleasure and pain were yours to wield.

You made a mistake!
To think that I’d always be your puppet to command.
Finally moving free, see the middle finger on my hand.
I cut the strings; spell broke, I’m not yours to control.
My mind is mine alone and I tore your talons off my soul.
I will move my feet, flee far away from you as I can.
Try to find all that I lost, remind myself I’m still a man.
So now I will smile, but only because I truly want to.
And if I meet an exorcist, I’ll send him straight to you.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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