Forget Me Not

Dearest Daughter,

I remember rocking you gently when you were still in the cot.
Sang soft sleepy songs – my voice was woeful but I had a shot.
I wish I could keep cuddlling you closely, it hurts that I cannot.
Please remember dear daddy loved you & please forget me not.

I remember on your nightmare nights you’d crawl for comfort in my bed.
I promised that I would always protect you, I would keep you safe I said.
I am oh so sorry I cannot keep my word, for the sweet sugar that I fed.
Please know though that a guardian angel will still watch you overhead.

Please share all God graciously gives you even on days when it isn’t a lot.
It’s value’s by millions multiplied if you’re generous with what you’ve got.
Please be wary of chaps with chat-up lines – they are such a load of rot.
I hope you’ll remember all I taught and please – please – forget me not.

Remember that though you’re beautiful, your brain is worth more yet.
For though beauty may fade, if you are intelligent then you are set.
I hope remembering me brings you happiness – we need all we can get.
But baby, should such memories only bring pain, please – just forget.

Lots of love,

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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