Drop in the Ocean

Over 7 billion people but only one me.
Each life but a drop into an endless sea.
How insignificant will my life be?

Can a drop change course of the ocean?
Suggestion seems such a strange notion!
Yet your drop isn’t water – it is magic potion.

A drop can cause nations to rise and fall.
Can draw lines on a map and claim it all.
Can summon soldiers who’ll heed its call.

A drop discovered a new species under waves,
others sent last of the dodos to their graves.
Another brought liberation, freeing slaves.

Your drop holds within it unlimited power,
grows larger and larger hour after hour,
add a dash of dreams and watch them flower.

As I prepare to change course of the ocean next to you,
just think on how much magic your one drop can still do.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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