Last stick of hope in the pack

She only breathes easy when she’s smoking,
please never ask her how she’s coping.
Tar stained fingers hurt from all her hoping,
as she crosses them too tightly again.

She shakes so when she is caught thinking,
fears fists whenever he’s been drinking.
Has a funny feeling her lifeboat is sinking
as she tries to light her hope in the rain.

Perhaps with a pillow she could smother,
suffocate sad summoner & find another,
remember her happiness with a new lover.
Her black hope leaves a new yellow stain.

Her once frail, fragile fire’s finally arisen.
Tries to stay strong, mustn’t let her hope schism.
‘sides, she hears they deal in cigarettes in prison.
Pack of dark thoughts galvanised by her pain.

She smokes her last cigarette & heads back inside.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Last stick of hope in the pack

    1. Hopefully. One of those times which makes me grateful that this is a work of fiction. 😉 Who knows what she does when she goes back inside? Left it up to the reader’s imagination rather than describing the potentially grisly details. Many people have these dark thoughts and think of some very extreme solutions to problems…but then for many of those, the dark moments pass and another solution presents itself. I have known people in the past who were/had been in abusive relationships. For those going through them, just walking doesn’t always seem that easy a solution.

      I do occasionally write crime fiction as well as horror – ones which draw on the darker side of the imagination. Basically write whatever comes to me at the time. One of the darkest pieces on my site is “His Box of Heart” which was intentionally written to be open to interpretation and is either a man reminiscing about his ex girlfriends or it’s a serial killer looking over the trophies from victims he’s killed. So far it’s about a 50/50 split in terms of how that one has been interpreted. My niece is also going to be doing a song version of that poem, as she loved the lyrics. She chose the lighter interpretation but I’ve guided her to sing it more eerily/ominously/ambiguously so that those who chose the darker interpretation can still see it reflected in the song. Will let you know how it turns out. 🙂

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