May I make a Suggestion?

My Search Engine Predicts I’m gay.
Might be the music that I play.
Or do I seem to dress that way?
So, should I change who I am today?

It sent some queer Suggestions to me.
Based on love for musicals & poetry.
Sure sounds like logic undeniably,
I wonder if my wife will agree?

I might have cared more yesterday,
when on the schoolyard we’d all play.
Seemed everything odd was “So gay”,
used as an insult everyday.

So, do I fit the stereotype?
Did you buy the gay agenda hype?
Does it feel good when you snipe?
Should I tell you my main gripe?

If I was, would you give a damn?
Would it change fabric of who I am?
Would I still stand equal as a man?
Feel free to answer if you can.

If a gay footballer scored a goal,
would him hugging make you lose control?
Can they come out of their dark denial hole,
or would their sexuality still stain your soul?

Is that really what the Bible said?
Or some sick interpretation instead?
Was it for bigots that Jesus bled?
Did he preach hate in the Book you read?

Someone’s sexuality is already decided from birth;
never let it alter what you think they’re worth.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

Gay suggestions


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