No More Monsters (Christopher Lee)

Dracula was my very first fear,
I’d hide behind the sofa when he’d appear.
And even later as I lay safe and snug in bed,
I’d still see shadows of him hanging above my head.

“Sleep well, Mr. Harker.”

His deep voice cut me to the core,
but once I’d heard him I wanted more.
With his eye patch, sword and steely sneers,
I watched wide-eyed as he outfought three Musketeers.

“Not before time, musketeers!”

After that, some years passed,
till he found me once more in Gormenghast.
Still stood so tall, hair hanging grey,
boldly announcing himself as Flay.

“You speak to Mr Flay, don’t you?”

Then, as if he’d winked “This one’s for you”,
followed me to Star Wars & Kingdom Hearts 2.
There was nobody else: just him and me.
My private performance by Christopher Lee.

“This is just the beginning!”

Today once more I had to be brave,
as I heard Sir Lee had gone to the grave.
I hope when the moon’s full and the clock strikes ten,
he will rise from his coffin and come haunt me again.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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