You Chose This

As you lie under covers,
with a man who means nothing to you.
Do you shake as he smothers,
pressing hard, pillow talk untrue?

As you’re gripped by another,
is he everything that you yearned for?
Finishing fast, your new lover,
does your body beg for something more?

As he leaves, was he worth it,
worth the price that you had to pay?
Do you sob solitary as you sit,
feeling the last of our trust fade away?

Did you miss me, miss my motion,
as I would make the Earth move for you?
I’ll still shake, cause commotion
but will nevermore make it quake for you.

Later I’m in the arms of another,
her soft sighs drown out our past long & slow.
As we move and as we discover,
we find new pleasures that you’ll never know.

You made your bed – now lie in it.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


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