Tears Her Inside Out

Those two same hands he swore would always hold her,
they now seek to push her far away.
And all of those whispered words which he told her,
fading foul on her tongue were sweet nothings yesterday.

She let him inside, now needs her no more,
Her heart bangs hard within her chest,
her hands pound pain on his home’s door.

He swore she would be loved by him forever,
sold such soft sentiments with his smile.
She soon opened both her heart and legs for him,
who knew forever would only last a while?

He locked her outside, as his wife wails within.
He never told her his wife existed,
only promised that there was only one for him.

Strangers stop and stare as if her torment’s theatre,
spectators to the ghastly games he played.
It looks like tonight’s performance is a true tragedy,
yesterday only romance was displayed.

His children cry inside, told to ignore her horrid voice.
That her wailed words are all ugly, untrue,
swears sincerely he’d never make such a cruel choice.

Sends his hard done-by wife outside to meet her,
fast flailing fists declaring she’s a whore.
More harsh words she swiftly uses to greet her,
each screamed until her throat feels sore.

She hurts on the outside, fair face torn by his wife’s claw,
her heart howls “Enough!” on the inside,
her feet flee fast on stony streets still dirty and sore.

Further and further from him she’s sent staggering,
cruel streetlights shan’t let her fade.
She’s sure that this must be the death of romance,
funeral bells toll for dreams she made.

I was left on the outside and I tried to warn her.
Hope she finds true love waiting around the corner.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Tears Her Inside Out

    1. Thanks again for your feedback. I guess the bright side of going through some tough experiences in real-life is it has made me more able to express emotion in my writing. Haven’t experienced this particular scenario in real-life but pleased that the emotion behind the story rang true for you at least.

      I’d explain more but until certain events are resolved one way or another over the next month or two, it’s hard for me to elaborate, write freely or even Like and Comment on other people’s poems etc as I normally would. Oh well. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and all those cliches…

      Anyway, back to this poem, the only bit of it I’m uncertain about is the final two lines. Did introducing the “I” and the hopes for the future work for you as an ending or did it seem too forced? If it didn’t work, do I just end it without those two lines or would it still need another definitive ending in their place?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I found the last two lines were a nice twist, but I see why you would wonder if they fit or not with the rest. I would keep them, though the last sentence – at least when I read it – sounds skeptical, like hoping for something that you know full well will never happen but that you hope for anyway, they sound almost like empty words. But if that’s the case then it adds a whole new layer to your poem and that may be something you’re looking for!


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