Creature Comforts: Love in the Dark

There is this creature, lives inside my head.
Formed from every ugly untruth they said.
I made fatal mistake: I listened & believed,
till every slander smothered & it hurt when I breathed.

The creature first found me when I was most alone,
hissing: “They’re right! We’re bad to the bone.”
We stared daggers at the tormentors, they tormented no more.
Still I heard the creature hissing: “We’re who they abhore”.

It tempted me to terrorise them, give reason to be afraid,
to yell “Look on this monster! This creature you made!”
I soothed the creature, said sweetly “Shh…be still.
There’ll be bigger battles, more worthy foes to kill”.

Sometimes the creature was my nemesis with hate to send.
Other days it seemed the creature was my one true friend.
It lent me its strength when there were enemies to rend,
hissing “I’ll always be with you, on this you can depend”.

I learned to control the creature, it lived in a cage,
screaming “Let me out! Let them all feel my rage!”
Over time this hateful creature which hung in cage above
came hissing again, saying “Lonely! Find someone to love.”

Should I find a woman who was equally broke,
who lived with the pain until it made her choke?
We’d both unleash our creatures & take them for a walk,
make love loud like wild animals & let the neighbours talk.

Or should I wait for a love so strong & equally pure,
which would never be acceptance but may be the cure?
Who would focus on all I did which she felt was right,
then banish the creature with kisses & her healing light?

Or will I find love lying somewhere between the two?
With a woman neither all black nor white but a lot like you?
We would accept every fault, maybe even love the flaws.
Be both hugs and kisses and occasionally the claws.

Can creature disappear or should I leave it be?
Am I this creature and is this creature me?

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

7 thoughts on “Creature Comforts: Love in the Dark

    1. Thanks for your feedback. 🙂 So…purely fictional as always but out of the three scenarios which would you advise for this poor creature? A romance with somebody else who is equally as broken and hope together they find acceptance, love and happiness? Holding out for a pure love which will make him feel whole but in doing so destroy the creature which has been with him for all those years? Or find love with somebody who is a bit of both – the light and the dark and who would perhaps make him feel that the creature isn’t all that bad after all? Feels a bit like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. Perhaps I should have added page numbers and prepared each scenario before asking you these questions. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Interesting. Thanks. I’d say that’s the most realistic option anyway. I don’t think I’ve met a person yet who was really either purely the white or the black – we’re all a mixture of the darkness and the light swirling together. Some people are just a bit more comfortable admitting to the darkness than others I guess. And re-reading this poem, I have a feeling that his creature isn’t quite as bad as he believes it to be. Perhaps there’s hope for us all.

        Liked by 1 person

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