Sand, Sea & Hope For Me

She stands serenely on the same sandy shore,
her beauty still puts the sun to shame.
Smiles, seemingly says “Hope some more”,
so shall we pretend that Hope’s her name?

Hope still says that the sun hasn’t set,
laughter lets me know there’s a chance.
Soft skin still remembers me, won’t forget,
the wind in her hair whispers “Romance”.

So some sweet memories comes to me,
melting in my mouth I savour them again.
We shared some chocolates by the sea,
to taste some more I kissed her then.

It was soft and slow as suited our first,
her tongue tenderly teasing my lips.
As if to hold her close before bubble burst,
I placed my hands on both her hips.

For a moment it was as if we became one,
our two twin souls seemed intertwined.
And though those days now seem long gone,
she still stays sacred in my mind.

Should I sail someday across the bay,
to the land where dreams dance forever?
Visit those same sands where we once lay
and see if our lips still fit together?

Should I gently stroke her long, black hair,
should she still have a place in my heart?
And should I show her how much I still care,
tell her I missed her when I had to depart?

Although it may never happen for us, the time may never be right,
today I cherish the memory of her & hope to dream of her tonight.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

Corozal town

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