APED #25 – C’mon People, Heal the World!

This poem was written for “A Prompt Each Day #25“, where we were asked to use the phrase “Heal the World!” as inspiration. This one turned out a bit silly, as it made me think of Michael Jackson’s Earth Song performance at the Brit Awards in 1996, where the stage was invaded by Jarvis Cocker from Pulp who believed that Michael Jackson was acting like God/Jesus. Odds are this won’t be one I’ll end up adding to my first poetry book when I publish it. Just a bit of fun.

In the first line I’ve presented two ways that Michael Jackson is viewed by the opposing camps. I’ve tried to avoid inserting too many of my personal opinions of the man behind the music. This is partly as I typically try not to judge the singers, artists & writers but just appreciate their art instead. Likewise I love Richard Wagner’s music but that doesn’t mean that I agree with his anti-Semitism. You can find this Earth Song performance here.

C’mon People, Heal the World!

A persecuted pariah/possible pedophile hopes to please us.
Stage strutting, some mutter: “He thinks he’s Jesus!”
“Heal them! Help them!” his Earth Song bids.
“C’mon, people! Won’t you think of the kids?”

To press point, he’s joined on the stage by some more:
some starving actors approach in rags to keep the score.
Sings: “We hurt them all – look what we’ve done!
So c’mon people; let’s save everyone!”

As magic Mike keeps conjuring, it makes me think:
Should I save the world – is it really on the brink?
Can I really go, leave all my responsibilities behind?
Hope that sin’s sanctified by benevolently being kind?
Perhaps they need saving in Singapore or somewhere sunny?
Will I heal them with hope or do they just need money?

How much healing can this one man do,
especially if I’m just as broken as you?
Where will I go and when should I start?
If I help will it heal holes in my heart?
Maybe fish need saving down by the sea?
If I save them, will some squid save me?
If I run to help, am I cowardly or brave?
What of the one at home I just can’t save?

Then out of nowhere, the spell’s broken & saviour’s schemes go south:
a pop prince’s plans pulped by a Jarvis Cocker to the mouth.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “APED #25 – C’mon People, Heal the World!

  1. I think this is excellent. The hypocrisy of MJ, of course. And the question as to whether broken people can help heal the world–YES! No one is completely whole and healthy–but we can all do Something, however small. I’ve found that doing what I can–IN My Brokenness–has caught the Eye of God, such that I’m healing little by little. There is such JOY and strengthening of mind/soul/body whenever we say or do something for someone else…and the ripple effect is Real and ultimately Huge.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback – appreciate it. I also agree that broken people can help – the “I” of the poem wasn’t technically the real me – more to make the reader think. In terms of the real me, I try to do a sponsored charity challenge each year. This year I did the London Marathon for Coram (children’s charity that helps abused/vulnerable children) & next year the plan’s to do a cycling challenge for Katherine House Hospice. We can all help – on the same page as you. In terms of the question about running away from responsibilities and just traveling the world helping people…well, there are days when that would be tempting. Got to look after my daughter though. Who knows? Maybe I can travel more and do some good as I go when she’s older.


    1. Thank you – nice to know at least one copy will be sold. 🙂 That’s the aim anyway…once I write 100 poems I’m satisfied with and once I reach 100 Followers, the goal is to publish a book of my poems and donate £1 from every book sold to charity (100 pennies). Planning on also giving the collection a title related to the number 100. Possibly “100 Dreams” to draw on the cheesy “Daring to Dream” tagline on my writer’s site. 😉 May also see if I can find some artists willing to illustrate some of them. Aiming on publishing a few books (the first for my poems, the second a short story collection and the third a rhyming children’s book) is why I couldn’t go down the anonymous route on my site.

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      1. Wow,,,, but I would recommend to do rhyming children’s book as the second book,,,,,can’t wait to read them all,
        P.S : Narcissus is not merely a pen name for me, it IS my name….lol

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      2. Possibly rhyming story book would make more sense. I do have two of them where I’ve pretty much written all the words for them already…just got to give them some spit & polish to make them even better, then get them illustrated. A friend of mine really wants me to write a novel instead but that’s such a huge undertaking and I’d sooner already be established as a published writer before taking that task on.

        Wouldn’t have guessed that Narcissus is your real name! I associate it with the Greek myth and the last time I suggested a name from a Hindi myth may still be used today, my writer friend from India found it to be very amusing and went on about how ancient the name was. At least if I ever get a Friend Request on Facebook from a Narcissus, I’m unlikely to be confused as to who it is. Especially if your real surname is also 101. 😉

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  2. How much healing can this one man do,
    especially if I’m just as broken as you?

    beautiful lines. I loved M.J. and his music and the enigma surrounding him. But the negative side of him sullies the artist in him.


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