The Talented Man

He’s high on his own ego,
has to tell everyone he can:
“You’ve found the real deal;
pay homage to the talented man!”

Dismisses most other writers:
“Generic! Quit while you’re ahead!
Come turn tricks at my temple;
pray to the talented man instead!”.

It was there that he lost me.
I couldn’t read another letter.
Talent needn’t blow its own trumpet
nor mould monuments to being better.

It wasn’t that he was untalented;
there was a fine phrase here and there.
Yet when one overlooks other authors,
you lay foundations formed of thin air.

This wide writing web we’ve weaved,
where each writer sews their strand.
Should you see someone struggling,
maybe you should stop and lend a hand?

If he hadn’t perched so high above,
I may have offered to help him too.
As he dismisses me as a mere mortal,
there’s only so much that I can do.

Does he truly have a direction?
Does anyone share his master plan?
It must be an awfully lonesome life
when you are such a talented man.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.


9 thoughts on “The Talented Man

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I try to help other writers where I can and believe this is a community – it bugs me when I see those who don’t seem to get that and who spend a lot of their time putting down other authors instead.

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    1. Yes. With one I really wanted to like him…but couldn’t because of those tendencies. By the way, sent you an email. I hope after reading it we are still on speaking terms. Just contacting you via this message also in case you see this notification first, as I could really use a reply if we are still friends. Thank you.

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  1. Well said Philip. Some writers are egocentric and sometimes feel they are Demi-Gods, really such people are not worth wasting time on. I once had a teacher who never saw good in anyone, one day I mustered courage and told her where to shove her opinions and I walked away, happier than ever. After that, we developed mutual respect for each others opinion.

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  2. I’ve been inspired by other authors and bloggers more often than I can count, most of the time that is how I get ideas of things to write about. Your poem was so well-formulated, I loved how it flowed and I really enjoy your writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Pleased you like it. 🙂 Unfortunately I’m currently on an enforced break from adding writing to my blog but in a month or two I should be back with lots of new poems and stories. Hope you’ll check my site out again then.

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