APED #18 – Carry Me Home

Another APED challenge. This time we were given an image as our inspiration: Image Source: Ship Mary L. Cushing by William G. Yorke (via Wikimedia Commons) With the poem below, I tried to write the line to give the impression of the waves instead of them being a fixed length. I also used two distinct … More APED #18 – Carry Me Home

Love on a Cloud – alternative for Blackheart111

Okay…as I’m aware of the “be careful what you wish for” adage and as the sad kitten poem got dark (see The Usual Suspect), here’s a happier poem using “candyfloss”, “kittens”, “rainbow”, “fluffy”, “pink” and “cloud” as a prompt. Could be that the original was spot on and no need for an alternative but I … More Love on a Cloud – alternative for Blackheart111

The Usual Suspect – for Blackheart111

Following my most recent APED challenge, I joked with Blackheart111 that my poem may have been much happier if the chosen words were “candyfloss”, “kittens”and “rainbows”. Blackheart111 added “fluffy”, “pink” and “clouds” to the list and I decided rather than leaving it as a joke, I’d write it and let Blackheart111 pick the mood. The … More The Usual Suspect – for Blackheart111


Originally posted on sevenstarhalo:
She was all about sun shine and rainbows,  While I was about dark clouds and grey skies. She was every possibility,  While I was the failure, the lies.  I… was someone else’s story. She was laughter and happiness,  While I was love purgatory. She wanted dresses and boots; And to catch…