Live Again

He hailed from the North, she was born in the West. Their meeting coincidental, they came to call it blessed. His beer began most bitter, she sipped sweet vermouth. Lost in her big blue eyes beheld beauty had the power to soothe. Her lips a ruby red rouge, his past had been mostly black. When … More Live Again

Ghost of a Chance

His long limp locks were greasy, his shuffling scuffed shoes were black. It’s hard to play it cool & breezy when you’re carrying a demon on your back. She still screams inside his head, hurt by those you love the most. Though their love life’s long dead he still feels fearful of her ghost. In … More Ghost of a Chance


Your big beautiful eyes are blue in more ways than one, mine miss them so now that they’re gone. I wish I could send some salvation to you. My lap whispers “Why wouldn’t she stay?”, it shan’t sit right with it today, yet still sounds sure it’s very glad it knew you. My lips still … More Unrequited