APED #71 – Easy Street

After over a month and a half away, I’ve finally got things more or less sorted and believe I’m able to start writing again. Lots of drama and some big changes in my life but it feels good to be back and able to write again.

Today’s prompt was to write a piece inspired by the phrase “Take it Easy“. This isn’t really a finished piece yet. Just a rough idea I had that I’ll probably keep working on after the deadline for the prompt expires.

    Easy Street

Down a dark dead end on the wrong side of town,
he holds himself close when nobody’s around.
Lost languid legs lead filthy fatigued feet
as they try to carry him to Easy Street.

He heard that the Street is paved with gold,
at least that’s the tall tale that they told.
“Just leave your worries and relax, replete!
The air always tastes cleaner down Easy Street”.

So he packed his bags and cleared his mind,
daydreamed of all the happy people he’d find
living in luxury and always feeling complete,
for they all take it easy down Easy Street.

Everything that he owns is tied to his back.
On soot-stained cobbles, can’t avoid the crack.
Asks pained, puzzled pedestrians he happens to meet:
“Can you please tell me the way to Easy Street?”

And so life lends him another piece of crap,
as he hobbles on with his upside down map.
Battered, bruised but still not quite beat,
doggedly determined to travel to Easy Street.

His quest goes on much the same day after day,
unsatisfied with the present so strolls it away.
Looking to tomorrow and hoping he will greet
a lucky, lovely lady if he lands on Easy Street.

With wealth and also comfort to spare,
he hopes he’ll have both if he just gets there.
Yet he’s directionless, helpless and so I entreat:
Can anyone help him find his way to Easy Street?
Does anybody even live on Easy Street?

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

11 thoughts on “APED #71 – Easy Street

      1. Where were you though..I mean like on vacation or taking personal time….if you don’t mind me asking…


    1. Thank you Jacqueline. Nice to be writing again. May still have to be careful about which subjects I write about for a while still (dealing with some legal mumbo jumbo following my marriage ending etc) but there’s plenty more subjects where that one came from. Going to try to catch up with your writing & the writing of some of my other favourites later this week.

      Liked by 1 person

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