APED #79 – If Only

See APED #79. As usual, class this as a work in progress piece. Mainly the ending I’m unsure of with this one.

If Only

If only he hadn’t met her,
if only he’d opened a different door.
If only she still had the innocence
she was clinging to just before.
If only she’d stayed happy,
if only he’d stayed well.
If only they hadn’t taken those seats
with a front row view on Hell.
If only their only tragedy
was melancholy movies on the silver screen.
If only what they’d witnessed
had remained unknown, unseen.

I sometimes sit and wonder
at the “If only’s” of my own,
as I stay silent with the ticking clock
counting out the minutes I’m alone.
If only I could go back
would I do things differently?
If I altered this and that
would I lose the very fabric of me?

And what of you and your wounds,
could you bear same scars once again?
Or would you seek some shelter
and hide from all that pain?
What price would you pay
to keep you as you?
Would you even want to
or do you long to be someone new?

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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