Live Again

He hailed from the North,
she was born in the West.
Their meeting coincidental,
they came to call it blessed.

His beer began most bitter,
she sipped sweet vermouth.
Lost in her big blue eyes beheld
beauty had the power to soothe.

Her lips a ruby red rouge,
his past had been mostly black.
When her arms wrapped around him
felt free to push demons back.

They held each other on the sofa,
each kiss asked after an encore.
The waitress took their empties
even as they kissed some more.

As the birds fly to the South,
sure as sun rises in the East;
the heart can heal all wounds,
love & beauty can slay the beast.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Live Again

    1. Thank you again for selecting this as your Poem of the Week. It means a lot to me – listening in to your show now. Gives me a bit more confidence with my writing.

      To everyone else who isn’t David Snape: You can hear my poem “Live Again” read out on the David Snape Show on South Waves Radio which is on at 8 pm GMT tonight, Thursday at 1 pm GMT and Saturday at 8 am GMT. See

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