Sunshine After Rain

Did I ever truly see sunrise till I saw it next to you? The colours rise before my eyes in a more magnificent hue. Did every crumb consumed pass pabulum, gone to waste? My mouth yearns for yours, lush lips linger on the taste. Did my ears hear sweet music till you trilled you love … More Sunshine After Rain

They Don’t Get It

My maid maintains you’re dirty and some days I am as well. My priest preached it’s sinful, swears we’re going to hell. My window cleaner caught us at it as he peered through steamed up glass. My chauffeur couldn’t find our turning but he’ll take another pass. My lawyer lectured it should be illegal and … More They Don’t Get It

Kid Napped K

Sleep my Kira, Kira dear. In your dreams I’ll hold you near. No more heartache, no more fear, so sleep my Kira dear. Sleep my Kira, Kira try. Dream a day for you and I. Safe & sound under a sunny sky, so sleep my Kira, try. Sleep my Kira, Kira sleep. My love for … More Kid Napped K

The Evil Within

Her beauty in the mirror doesn’t reach beneath the skin. Worms wriggle under the surface, something rancid rots within. Her smile seems so sickening, hollow happiness her mask of lies. While words will swear they love, her hard heart beats “I despise”. She’ll slowly syphon your soul, drain you dryer day by day. Leaving you … More The Evil Within


Under sensual seas, they lie touching skin to skin. Caress, close, conjoined; where does he end & she begin? Their lips linger, tracing loving lines over each other. Their eyes pools of deep desire, hearts beat for one another. Bodies begin to move with waves, first her below & him above. Writhing, rolling on seabed’s … More Seabed