Under sensual seas, they lie touching skin to skin.
Caress, close, conjoined; where does he end & she begin?
Their lips linger, tracing loving lines over each other.
Their eyes pools of deep desire, hearts beat for one another.
Bodies begin to move with waves, first her below & him above.
Writhing, rolling on seabed’s shifting sands, softly making love.
Deep down below the world we know, on oceans of pleasure.
Their love is priceless: like long lost sunken treasure.

Afterwards they touch tenderly with calming of the tide,
her hands stroke his hair as he hugs her, lying by her side.
Then high above them an orange orb awakens in the distant sky.
She says: “Can we hold it?”, he smiles a reply: “We can try”.
And so upwards they swim, forever together holding hands.
Sprouting wings soar high above less hopeful, hollow lands.

Believe in love, hope & dreams; then there’s nothing you can’t do.
And should you ever falter, I have loving dreams enough for two.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

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