Sleeping Beauty & M.E

Don’t usually do intros prior to posting my poetry or stories but this time I’ll make an exception.

I was recently told by a lovely lady named Phoebe that I’m so romantic that I even romanticise what she sees as the least romantic aspect of her: her condition, which is M.E.

M.E is a chronic condition which affects tiredness & the immune system. I’m going to be running a marathon in October on behalf of Action For M.E (the number one charity for the condition). If you’d like to learn more about the condition or sponsor me, you can do so by visiting my fund raising page at Alternatively, just read & hopefully enjoy the poem, which comes next.

As usual this is a work in progress piece. Perhaps appropriately I slept badly last night, so this poem may need a fair amount of editing to bring it up to scratch.

    Sleeping Beauty & M.E

He had danced & duelled with demons,
walked on a long eggshell strewn floor,
carefully climbed a steep stony staircase
to tremble nervously outside her door.

Would she, could she want him,
someone so damaged in the dark?
Dare he dream of light & love,
such sunny picnics in the park?
Finally he steeled himself,
reached out & turned the key.
Quite quietly opened her door
to see his sleeping beauty.

Her wheelchair creaked in the corner,
her brown bed was always single.
It’s hard to find someone to love
when you are too tired to mingle.
She snored softly, slept soundly,
medicine had granted such rest.
He sat down by her bedside,
heart beating in his chest.

He kissed her lips for the first time,
she opened her eyes (bright blue).
Her sweet smile was just for him
and he smiled back at her too.

He said: “I want to show you
how heavenly this world can be.
Such wonders to explore
beyond your door
will you come see them with me?
Hear howling monkeys in the jungle,
attend the grandest ball.
A world of pleasurable possibilities
and we can capture them all”.

She replied: “Yes, I will go with you!
But first I need a nap”.
She curled up closer to him,
lay her head on his lap.

As she slept once more,
his hands happily stroked her hair.
He thought:
‘The best beauty in this wonderful world
is sleeping soundly there’.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

Sleeping Beauty & M.E

8 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty & M.E

    1. You’re welcome. 🙂 We all have things which make us unique. My girlfriend has M.E, scoliosis & myofascial pain syndrome. I have dyspraxia & I’m technically classed as half-blind. The beauty of love is that no matter what you have that you may class as an imperfection, you get to be perfect in someone else’s eyes. Anyway, I’m pleased that you liked this poem. Thank you for your feedback & for following my site.

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  1. I know a woman with this illness, too. I feel it is so lovely that you can open your heart not only to love this woman, even though she has challenges, and her, you….but to honor it all in such a lovely poem.

    I grew up with severe asthma and went through some deep depressions and it seemed like I had to hide it all, and people would often leave my life because of it. I am glad that the younger generations are learning to look past these things more and celebrate the beautiful soul that is wrapped inside each of us.

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    1. Thank you for your feedback. Sadly there are still those who are unable to look past differences such as these conditions. I’ve personally been dismissed by some as being “stupid” or “dopey” due to my dyspraxia & more frustratingly seen people talk to Phoebe in a patronising manner as if she’s a child when she’s in a wheelchair (as if someone with a physical disability must also be mentally disabled).

      I’m glad that I personally didn’t solely see her conditions & also that she didn’t just see mine. I’ll also hope that as a generation we are getting better & do my bit to keep spreading the word. After all, the more of us who find love, the better. I hope that things are improving for you personally.


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