Kid Napped K

Sleep my Kira, Kira dear.
In your dreams I’ll hold you near.
No more heartache, no more fear,
so sleep my Kira dear.

Sleep my Kira, Kira try.
Dream a day for you and I.
Safe & sound under a sunny sky,
so sleep my Kira, try.

Sleep my Kira, Kira sleep.
My love for you is oceans deep.
Forever yours, a promise I’ll keep,
so sleep my Kira, sleep.

Sleep my Kira, Kira rest.
You’re the girl who I love best.
Since you were born I was blessed,
so sleep my Kira, rest.

Sleep my Kira, Kira do.
In my dreams I walk with you.
Finding faeries as we used to,
so sleep my Kira do.

Copyright © 2015 Philip Craddock. All rights reserved.

One thought on “Kid Napped K

  1. I first added this poem two my site only days after my daughter was taken from me and moved to an unknown location. It was a terrifying time and already very painful for me. If I had known then that it would take me over a year to get my daughter back, gain joint custody of her & tie up other loose strings, would it have made things better or worse? Hard to say. At least I would have known that there was a light at the end of the tunnel eventually…even if it was a distant one.

    Shortly after I added this poem to my site, I hid it for fear that it could compromise my position. Well, since it’s finally over, here it is again.


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